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Accessibility at its Best, Since 1998!

Caring for the elderly and for people with mobility difficulties is a very difficult and demanding task that requires patience, love, time and solidarity.
The available options so far were two: a) The use of numerous, classical disability aids that can uncomfortably cover one need, or b) Putting a great muscular effort that will eventually cause injuries to the care giver.
Body Up Evolution changes everything as it is not only a patient lifter chair. It is an advanced disability aid that treats the patient with dignity and offers four functions for practical, safe and simple lifting, bathing, toileting and transferring around the house or vehicle!

«It should be remembered that mobile hoists are not designed to transport people over long distances.»
-Disabled Living Foundation

It is a patient transfer hoist

Designed to allow you to rise up from the bed each day with Dignity.

It is a bath/commode chair

Body Up Evolution is made of stainless steel and is waterproof.

It is an indoor wheelchair

A sofa on wheels for great mobility!

It provides vehicle access

Compatible with the most types of vehicles.

Plus, it secures financial benefits to the long-suffering family of the person with disabilities. With this innovative patient lift, you don’t need any more other devices and accessories that cost.

Safety and Certifications


«It helped me to convince my mom she’s not a burden, to ease her mind. It helped me fear less the future.»

We have designed Body Up Evolution in order to serve the everyday needs and challenges of both the patient and the helper.
  • The muscular effort is minimal for the helper, and the user feels secure and dignified.
  • Patient lifting does not any more require strength. The patient gets up easily in natural position.
  • With the bad chair, toilet is no longer a “taboo” and bed baths belong to the past.
  • No more stress of changing or charging the batteries. Limited “after sales service”.
  • Easy to fold in two pieces.
  • The patient lifting is made with dignity.
  • Access to the bathroom is more feasible than ever!
  • The vehicle access is a simple, daily procedure.

About Us


Veziris Healthcare specializes in the field of mobility and kinisiotherapy since 1994.

The company imports and represents successful brands such as Reck Motomed.
In 1998, Veziris Healthcare designed and manufactured the innovative patient transfer hoist Body Up Evolution .

One year later, the product receives a billing code from The National Medical System.
Since then, thousands of families in Greece are enjoying the daily solutions that Body Up provides and Body Up Evolution is considered as one of the most essential disability devices in home.

Worldwide Recognition

Watch the Channel News Asia (CAN) video, regarding the Body Up Evolution presentation in the «Rehab Tech» exposition

The benefits of the Body Up Evolution in everyday life, drew the interest of foreign markets.

Today, it is successfully distributed worldwide, giving to us – the initiators and developers – the satisfaction that we can contribute positively to the quality of life for many families around the world.

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